Harley Quinn Fanart

Harley Quinn Fanart  - student project

I did a lot of different exploration in poses trying to find the right one. I want to do an action pose with Harley Quinn and her hammar, either raising it up and about to smash it down or the aciton of smashing it down. I found a couple that I really like that I will further refine for the final image!

I did some expression studies. I want to go for more a cartoony style than a realistic style. I really like how I styled the eyes. The expressions could be a lot stronger as I have no decided on her head shape yet, but they were just for exercising and I will definitely refine the expression for the final pose in the next part.

Now onto the chaacter in space!

It took me a while to complete my idea, basically I had to think WHAT is she swinging her hammer at and the idea I came up with was a pinata Batman, but I wanted to include Joker, too.

Pretty pleased with the outcome! There isn't a lot of depth in this particular composition but I thought it could lose attention on the character if I put it in a setting.