Hair - student project

Hair - image 1 - student project


I have found I really like using a layering marker brush for hair - it makes it so soft - so got a bit carried away with all of these, playing with the brush. I'll try and do some more gestural ones later.

The other thing I got carried away with was the man's face (which I did not intend to fill in, but it started out annoyingly deformed, and I kept trying to fix it), as I could not get it right - are his eyes too big / too close together? I can't figure it out. Need to review the head/face sessions again I think (and practice more - especially men's faces - I rarely try and draw them).


Had a crack at a beard too. Again, struggling to draw man's face - he looks more feminine than the source pic. Tricky to get the beard texture too.

Hair - image 2 - student project

(Src pic via zevchafer at Deviantart).