Gouache Things

Gouache Things - student project

A few months ago, I took my first gouache class with Leah Goren and loved it. I even made a gouache palette so it would be more convenient to use. After I filled the pans, I kind of forgot about my gouache paints and focused on watercolor instead. I finally decided to try another gouache class to get back into it! 

Exercise 1: Gouache Mugs

I chose a color palette that was almost primary, but had some modifications. I think they look good together!

After this exercise, I really liked the mugs with words on them, so I painted another set.

You can see the palette I made in the photo above! I was really happy with the results--the paints seemed just as opaque as when I used them straight from the tubes.

Here's a close-up/scanned version of the lettered mugs:

For the lettering, I used a combination of gouache and gel pens.

Exercise 2: Other Gouache Objects

Instead of kitchen utensils, I decided to paint a collection of supplies that have been sitting on my desk a lot recently.

My favorite object is the little gouache palette! It was a fun way to swatch my colors. I'm still getting used to the water-to-paint ratio for gouache for a nice opaque layer, so some of these look like watercolors, but I'm happy with how it turned out!