Google Now Inspired Wallpaper

Google Now Inspired Wallpaper - student project

I had recently created via a fantastic online tutorial, a flat design style wallpaper of a landscape scene which had been inspired by Google Now.

Upon completion, it looked like this:

Today, I enrolled & completed your extremely helpful level up class for colour techniques.
I thought it would be interesting to see if I could use the techniques, manipulating the colours to create a sunset version of this wallpaper.

I used all the techniques displayed in your tutorials to see how it changed the piece, however I found using the second technique by using blending modes & gradients to be the most effective for this particular project.
1. I used the block shape to create a blend that looked more like evening time to direct daylight. The major change that was made to the landscape itself was the suns size & position to emphasise the time of day. 

2. I used a pink gradient as you did from bottom to top just in front of the original sky layer.

3. I then exported to Photoshop and experimented with all the adjustment layers you had delivered and ended up with this:

I really enjoyed the process.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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