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Updated at 5/ 27 / 2013:

Here are the links for my final presentation and to some good research screenshots:



If you want to see the Customer Journey Map into more detail, you can download it here:

Finally, here are some links to articles related to car sector and Volkswagen brand:


APP 2:

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Updated at 5 / 25 / 2013:

Hi guys! Please take a look into my customer journey map for VW Golf. I have to make a few arrangements proposed by Julian, but here is the idea. Can't wait to know your opinions!

Ah! I'm also preparing a presentation about some deper aspects that can't be shown here. 

Map download link:


I've decided to create a Communications Planning for the new Volkswagen Golf inside the Spanish market (

There are some good reasons:

 - Car market is, for me, one of the most exciting ones for planning, because of the size (and the possibilities) of the communications universe, the high budget and the emotional and "feeling style" talking (FCB grid). 

 - Spain is now a challenge. Having now less money, people need some good reasons explained in a very good way to think about changing their car, or buying their first one. Another handicap we have right now is that every day is harder to drive at cities. In Barcelona is almost impossible to find a place to park.

 - Moreover, Spain is still a country where having a car means something more than a easiest way for going to places. It means belonging to a higher status, achieving goals that you have since you are a child. 

 - I want to know more about the stymulus which drives people to choose between one car or another: design, fuel consumption, prize, bonuses...even the country of the brand. I want to find more about differences between country perception inside cars world. In my opinion, Volkswagen, being German has a great reputation in terms of quality, so it's a good point to start. 


I will compare my Spanish results to some American results. My hypotesis is that in USA people prefer bigger and American cars. I will find out what's going on.