Goal Diggers Foundation

Goal Diggers Foundation - student project

Hello fellow Skillshare classmates! Rather than re-imagining someone else's brand, I've decided to delve deeper into my own passion to work on something I have been wanting to create. 

The idea is a little outside of the parameters of the project as I am focusing on a sub-brand or philanthropy initative of my personal brand Bless My Hustle. I created Bless My Hustle in 2010 as a lifestyle blog that explored success in a non-traditional way, through the reappropriation of hip hop lyrics, the incorporation of street culture, and a look at non-traditional industries. Currently, I am looking at expanding the brand and blog with an upcoming book, however I also wanted to add some type of philanthropy initiative. That is were this project comes in...

My Brand

The Goal Diggers Foundation, a Bless My Hustle initative

Why Goal Diggers? 

The "gold digger" mentality permeates today's society. What I mean by that is two-fold. There is the idea of marrying up, or marrying someone more successful than yourself to take care of you. That's the stereotypical definition of a "gold digger".

In addition to that, there is also the idea of following the gold or following the money, instead of doing the things that make you happy or fulfill you passion and purpose. That is also "gold digging".

Personally, I am a strong believer that if you do what you're passionate about and work to create goals around that, the money will follow. That is what the Goal Digger Foundation aims to do. It is a mentorship program which guides young girls through a 10-step program to discover their passion, define their purpose, and set goals that will allow them to create a vision for their own success.

In essence, the Goal Digger Foundation empowers little girls with dreams to become women with vision. 


All feedback is greatly appreciated and if anyone is interested in collaborating, please feel free to email me: monica@blessmyhustle.com! Thanks! - Monica

Millennial Realtor & Huffington Post Contributor