Glitz Gurlz' On Deck

Glitz Gurlz' On Deck - student project

Blurb:  The Glitz Gurlz get a free cruise for winning Nationals at cheer competition.  Unfortunately, death ensues and as talented as they are at doing hair, make-up, accessories, and fashion, it doesn't seem to help them with a killer on the loose.  Will Captain Maddie lead her team to victory, (or even realize people are dying) ? Will the hot guys on the lacross team notice them?  Will anyone survive?

This is Scary Movie meets London Tipton.  Take note:  Blond Moments and Plot Holes will occur.

Horror Comedy!  Who doesn't Love it!

Find it on Wattpad - Glitz Gurlz On Deck by @tamoja 

Target Audience:  I suppose the target audience is teen, but really anyone that's a fan of satire and comedy scare (Scary Movie type genre).  I haven't been a young adult in decades but I still love spoofy horror movies. 

One Line:  Scary Movie meets London Tipton meets Barbie.  Comedy  Scare

Sample Pages:

A large grey cloud stood over the shining white cruise ship. It allowed just enough shadow for Maddie and Claudia to remove their Armani sunglasses and take in its view.  For a split shadow of a second, Maddie thought she heard a scream.  She shivered, and then smiled, knowing it had to be from happy groups meeting up for the trip of a lifetime.

Maddie continued to struggle up the walkway leading to the ship with her two suitcases trying to pull her backwards.  Her pink high heels wobbled from the uneven weight distribution but she kept her back straight and her smile plastered on. Always a firm believer in the old saying "you're never fully dressed without a smile."

Claudia was right behind and Maddie could hear her grunts and huffing like a tug boat.  Adrenalin only took them so far, and while they realized they had overpacked even before loading the car, nothing would have been a greater tragedy than leaving without proper shoes and accessories.  

"We should have asked the porter to meet us out front."  Claudia wheezed the words through her exaggerated inhales and exhales.

'Come on Claud, we're cheerleaders, this should be a piece of cake.  Remember lifting Tonya at Nationals?  Now that was work.  Besides, it'll be so worth it when we're on deck wtih all the hot shirtless guys.  You'll be so glad you added those extra pumps, totes worth it."

Claudia rolled her eyes and kept tugging her overpacked baggage.  She could feel sweat starting to trickle down from her forehead into her eyes.  

"OMG Maddie, I'm sweating.  Seriously, I'm going to look like a man when we get to the room.  I'm going to have to shower before I can even unpack.  If only those dorky twins Zach and Cody were here, we could trick them into carrying our stuff in exchange for dates."

"Claudia, 'The Suite Life' was totally a show.  Seriously, like are you sweating out brain cells or something?  I told you we only watched it to see what ship life was like, it is so not real.  It just gives a real view, it was like, just for learning."

"I'll tell you what is real Maddie, my sore back and this sweat ruining my makeup.  I'll be Samara from 'The Ring" by the time we get up this plank.  People will run from the sight of me, and that will ruin the whole trip!"

When they finally reached the flat stable flooring of the ship Maddie and Claudia stopped to catch their breath and take in the sight.  The ship was decorated with blues and whites (which happened to be their school color--it was fate).  the whole thing looked like a magazine spread and they totally realized it was all really happening at last.

The Captain (who happened to be super hot) and the crew were waiting to greet them as they stepped on.  They were just about to get into the greeting line when the rest of the squad came screaming and running, arms and legs flailing with excitement.  Maddie and Claudia found themselves smack in the middle of a hair spray mosh pit.

Jessica who was the cheer caller because she had the loudest voice (and smallest boobs, just saying, references are important!) yelled a line up and everyone got into the greeting line together.  Shaking hands was weird and felt so elderly like to Maddie.  She wasn't about to take a pass on not touching Captain sexy.  Cheerleaders hug.  So when she got to the Captain in his bright white uniform she wrapped her arms around him like a bow on a present.  

"So nice to meet you.  I'm Maddie, captain of the Glitz Gurlz cheer squad.  National champs from Sunny Beach Florida.  We won this trip and are here to relax and spread the cheer!"

Authors Favorite line so far:  "I won't be president Claudia.  Pants suits?  As if!!'

Thank you for reading this part of Chapter 1.  If you'd like to see more check it out from the link above thank you & Stay Glitzy!!!