Getting more creative freelancers follow my account

Getting more creative freelancers follow my account - student project

Hi Sophia and thank you for your class. I was featured on Instagram's blog in 2013 and then I was one of Instagram's suggested users in 2014 for two weeks and then earlier this year once again. The number of my followers is extraordinary however the engament rate is not that great. Also, the type of people who follow my account is not necessarily who I believe I add much value to. In my opinion my account is interesting to freelancers and people who want to start out as freelancers in the forseeable future. (And maybe also people who love travel tips because I get to travel for work so much!)

I am currently working on a second guide for creative freelancers and would love to use my Instagram to reach people interested in that topic.  

The categories relevant to my acount are: 

  • freelancers
  • creative professionals
  • digital nomads
  • travel lovers
  • Berliners and Viennese people looking to connect locally


I edit my images in Snapseed and VSCO. I might also use Retouch from time to time to remove ads and plugs on the wall. As you can see I just got back from a road trip through South Africa so my latest images are not very work related.



I use #MCFSB and #thisyearwillbedifferent to advertise my books. I also use #igersvienna, #igersberlin and #igersholland because these are the communities I am actively part of. What other hashtags would you recommend to use to reach my audience? 

Love, love, love.. spread the love: 

Gareth Pon, a fellow creative freelancer who has also done a Skillshare class

Ladypreneurleague, a kick-ass entrepreneur community founded by Porsha Thomas

Sara Comb, the illustrator of my upcoming book and a fellow creative freelancer 

Margot van der Krogt, a fellow freelancer and the host of Creative Mornings Amsterdam

Would love to hear your tips to reach my actual target group given it's not brands but individual people with a mutual interest. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! 

Community & Content Strategist