Getting Ready for Winter

Getting Ready for Winter - student project

I'm pretty new to creating patterns, and was looking for a way to see my pattern while I was working, so I could go back and adjust things. So, Agnieszka's method of creating patterns with Photoshop using less math sounded great!

I love autumn and wanted to make a pattern with that feeling. Raccoons are considered pests sometimes, but I stillI love their little black masks and ringed tails.

I used watercolor and gouache. 

After scanning everything in, I cut them out in Photoshop. I used a dark background to make sure I got the edges the way I wanted them.

By using the smart objects method, I could quickly see where I'd made mistakes, like the disconnected branch in this version.

I also tried the half drop method, but in the end, I didn't go with it.

The final tiles are below.

I tried mock ups with both backgrounds, but think I like the lighter one better.