Get a foot in the professional world of fashion

Get a foot in the professional world of fashion - student project

Hi everyone,


I'm a grafic designer from Belgium. It's been at the beginning of the pandemy that I lose a lot of food work in the graphical world. So I decided to do something for me. I was directly attracted by Skillshare because from my home I had access to all kinds of lessons, it was magical!

Maja was my first step in that direction. And of course, the pattern design attracted me as a fly with a light! With a lot of curiosity, I follow all her classes.

Till then I made my Instagram account, to follow the trends and see if there are people who liked my work. When I see what I did at this moment, it very far from my patterns that I make now.
After the Instagram, I make a community in facebook with my closes friends, and it's been spreading away.

I make a redbubble account also, then spoonflower, and really enjoying the surface pattern on fabric. Big love. I wait to ask before going on patterbank because, you can only present your work once. So after a year of working almost everyday on patterns, and spoonflower challenges, I decided to present my little book (with chosen patterns) to Patternbank. And guess what, I'm in ;-) Yeah. It's a little victory with all these small steps that make the whole thing works.

And recently, it's a friend of mine, that is founding a dress collection, and she ask me to work with her. So I think, I can say, I get a foot in the fashion world. A little one, but for me a big one. Because I'm going out of my confort zone. It all make me very happy.

So my advice, keep believe in yourself, you will do some bad work also, but challenge yourself to do always better, and it pays!

I'm always working as graphic design, hopefully! So I get a bit money to do my passion ;-)


1° This year, I'm going into the real world of fashion.

2° Trying to make a graphic line (direction), I'm loving so much things, that it would be difficult.

3° Always learning, it's my oxygen bubble, thanks to Skillshare


Voilà, hope this will help some people to believe in it. Have a nice way ;-) ... and sorry for my english.


PS: Very thankfull to Maja, keep going, I'm waiting to see your new home in Mallorca ^^



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