Geometric forest

Geometric forest - student project


 Since it`s my first real attempt at the digital landscape painting I will post every step of the process so you can point out where I made mistakes, and hopefully how they did or did not carry over to the next stages :)

 Main idea for this piece was to blend two different form languages. Sharp, clean, straight lines and forms of crystals and faceted surfaces used in architecture nowadays and more fluid, rough lines of trees/vegetation.

I THUMBNAILS - really rough

II MAIN COMP - Just took the best ideas from previous step and worked on them. Still, not that happy with composition tho...


And that`s it for now. Would love to hear some tips and critique!

UPDATE 20 IV 2014

After watching the rest video material of this class I couldn`t stop myself from finishing the image! Well, I think that there is a lot to do on it, especially in terms of balancing details and I think somehow I flattened values...

BUT, I must say, what a joy watching, learning and painting it was! Jonas is really an excellent teacher and all of you guys are doing great progress and finished pieces. Keep it up! Any critique is more than welcomed : ) Maybe after your thoughts/tips I will spend some more time on this :)

UPDATE 22 IV 2014

So I found some spare time and finished the piece. Hope you like it and thank you for suggestions and critique :)