Geometric Gorilla

Geometric Gorilla - student project

Hi, I’m an Austrian Freelance Illustrator and Designer. I do a lot of handmade Illustrations with pens, brushes and ink and was very excited to start this vector project and get acquainted with my old friend Illustrator again. A few weeks ago I discovered DKNG on the web and fell in love with their work, so I thought this was the perfect class to take.

I’ve been listening to Gorillaz a lot lately and when I thought about which animal I wanted to illustrate … well yeah. The eyes and the deep wrinkles around them were parts I was looking forward to creating.

Reference Pictures


Here is my initial sketch of the gorilla head. I wasn’t really sure how to fill the bigger shapes, so I hoped I would come up with something better later on in the process.

Illustrator work

After the basic circle shapes for the head, I made the eyes, nostrils and mouth. When I started to use some gradients, the head quickly got a lot of depth. I had so much fun working on this gorilla head that I finished the whole thing in two (although very extensive) work sessions.