Generative Art Project

Generative Art Project - student project

I don't have any fancy ideas of what this project is yet, but I'm primarily interested in using generative art in print contexts, and having it as a tool in my belt for upcoming branding project

I created a pintrest board of patterns to serve as inspiration. Not all of them have generative needs, but there are definitely some that do. I'm interested to see what can be done with geometric shapes and intend to do something around that to get a hang of it all. Then I'm going to play with my illustrations and see what I can do with that.

Update: I've been working my way through the course. There is just so much content to go through. I've got some assets created at this point for my geometric based project that I'll go ahead and share. Currently, we are gaining understanding of how the canvas, rotation, and color works.

Assets: I have have two sets I'm going to experiment with. The first with gaps and the second without. I'm thinking I can replicate something similar to the first set with strokes, but overlapping with gaps might be cool too.

As a designer the techniques he described for generating a color set is one of those things I'm going to using on a regular basis. I feel kind of stupid for not having worked on estabilshing better ways of picking colors before now. Incredibly useful. I've created two color sets out of photos of winter scenes.

Set 1


Set 2


Here is my first and most basic attempt. I've gone through the first 7 stages so far so this is just a screenshot of output. The last sessions are about output so I'm hoping there is a bit about the strange, spacing between shapes and maybe some techniques to minimze them.

Here is a second piece using the second color set and adding an additional layer of smaller hexes on top of the previous grid for additional interest.

I've added a second layer using PixelColorists to even out the tonality and soften the whole thing up a bit.

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