Gelato and Coffee

Gelato and Coffee - student project

Hi Lauren, hi everyone!

From April 6th to July 14th, I participated in “The 100 Day Project” started by The Great Discontent with  “100 Days of Chalk Lettering” in food theme on Instagram.
Being inspired by this class, for the last two days of the challenge, I decided to create “grand finale” pieces!

Unfortunately I don’t have a wall to do chalk lettering… yet.
So I used my sidewalk chalkboard.

The first one is a list of my favorite Italian gelato flavours, and the second one is many ways of having coffee in Italy.

I tried to capture characteristics of each subject with different typographic styles and decorations. It took me a while (5/6 hours for a piece) to finish, but I really had fun with these.



Vanilla, Pistachio, Mango, Yogurt, Cassata (Sicilian traditional sweet), Rum Raisin, Green Tea (Matcha), Coffee, Extra Dark Chocolate.



I'll keep them in our kitchen/dining area for a while.
I would definitely love to try bigger dimension in the future.
Thank you so much for the class, Lauren!

Graphic + Motion Designer