Fun, but need a ton of practice

Fun, but need a ton of practice - student project

This was a fun class. I never thought I'd draw, well, anything, but for sure not figures!! And obviously I can't, but I've fallen in love with gesture drawing. So this was a fun quick class for it. You describe what we're actually drawing and why, and in a way that makes it easy to understand.

I was pretty nervous at how fast 15sec goes by!! My goodness that's fast!! 

For the bonus project.. I assume I was supposed to draw 10 people in 15sec?? Yea, as you can see, I for sure couldn't get close to 10 per motion in 15sec :/

I think I got 2 done on a couple of the easier ones, but that's all :/

I'll be going through again to get more and more practice.

Great class!

just soaking it all in :)