Fun Engagement Cake

Fun Engagement Cake - student project

I made this two-tier cake for a casual engagement celebration with the family - it's my first tiered cake and there were no disasters so quite happy with the result!

I used a 6" peach cake for the base ( and a 4" chocolate/coffee cake for the top (, plus a thin layer of american buttercream to hold it all together as the creamy, cheese-based creams would have been very hard to assemble and not very white, which is the look I was going for.

Topped with two pop rings as a cheeky nod to the engagement, since we're using them for the engagement photos as we're going on a trip to Italy instead of getting an engagement ring.


The only trouble (aside from the nerve-wracking moment of putting the little cake on top) was in getting the buttercream to the right colour - we were aiming for burgundy but after several failed attempts settled for what you can see in the picture. Cutting the cake was also interesting, as I hadn't really thought about how to do it until I had the knife in hand, but I went for it and it wasn't too bad, just started at the top and made my way downwards.

All in all quite pleased with my first attempt!