Fruity and flowery ink and watercolour

Fruity and flowery ink and watercolour - student project

I viewed this project as practice - as I'm not trying to achieve perfect results. I'm looking to improve my watercolor and ink skills and its much more fun to view this project that way.


Tomatoes are relatively straightforward due to its roundish shape with a stalk on top. I always like to add a bit more ink line work to fill any negative spaces


I really enjoyed painting these pears. Their basic shape and form allowed me not to overthink and apply the wash very swiftly following the contours of the fruit. Not much line detail was needed as there was just enough contrast between the edge of the watercolor and page.


I adore poppies although I don't always find them easy to capture in paint. I realised after I painted the stalks and seed heads I didn't like the way they fell on the page so tweaked them a bit when applying the ink. I'll be more mindful of this next time.

 I find star fish REALLY challenging - I don't know why!? I kept the watercolour very loose on purpose because I knew I'd be adding a fair bit of pen detail. I'm pleased with how this page turned out despite the star fish challenge.

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