Friendly bird

Friendly bird - student project

So... digging out my brushes after a while - I picked this class to renew and practice my watercolor skills, since it had rather defined subject. Whenever I simply sit down to do something, it ends like an apstract :D

I love colors, but it was tricky to pick the right bird. There was one with bright turquise color on the head... but I couldn't achieve that shade. Then, I also wanted to do simple wild canary (which I had as a kid, and have great memories about), but I thought it might be bit toocomplicated, due to mix of colors in feathers. So, I have picked this one - it has enough color... and bright red! (also, in the same family as canary, I think).

My "problem" was to stay patient while colors dry! that is why I also had few mistakes, and bleading of black into the wing (which I hope I managed to salve).

Will do another bird soon! and looking forward to it!


p.s. I do like that "my" bird ended up having very freindly expression (I think) :) I also love the beak and how water made it shapes and shades.... do I need to say I am back in love with watrecolors?

p.p.s. while digging out my supplies, I found another bird I did years ago. I might add it at the bottom of the project later. It is fun to see the difference... huge difference!

p.p.p.s. I also break out of "being affraid to use color"... when I was studying (architecture), my drawing teacher (for semester we had watercolors) use to call me out for not daring to use colors... well, that was ages ago... now I am bold! :)


Friendly bird - image 1 - student project


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