Friday Vibes

Friday Vibes - student project

Hi Tom,
loving your class so much and feeling super inspired!!!
Here is my work in progress so far:

Exercise 1: The Chair

It is not very prominent, but there are cute kitty paw socks in the observational sketch (something similar to the photo below). They might be the culprit behind the running and skating chair sketches.

Exercise 2: The Plant
Couldn't stop after just one plant

That's all for now, can't wait to start sketching the workspace after the weekend.


Exercise 3: The Workspace


Ideation Mode

Exercise 4: The Figure
On the left from observation on the right in ideation mode

Figure 1 
The pose is inspired by my husband working from home in what I call "ninja mode"

Figure 2
I decided to try another pose that will fit with the rollerskating chair.
(Observation sketch on the left, ideation on the right)

Final Project Sketches:

Finished Artwork:

And here is the finish artwork for second Sketch.