Fresco - student project

Hey Molly,


Thank you for the class. Holly Batman, it does look like we are painting in real canvas! So cool!


This is the third version of my painting. I dont know why but twice Fresco just crashed and I had to open app again just to discover that the last updates I have made on the drawing werent saved.. :(   Versions 1 and 2 had completely different backgrounds and details, but I am ok with this version as well.


This is the survivor :D 



I didn't used any online photos of vintage ladies cause I own hundreds of old vintage photos and postcards I have purchased in vintage fairs around the globe. I used these below as reference for pose and accessories:

I am fascinated with this girl. I keep wondering how was her life. What she liked to do. How long did she lived... I can spend hours looking my collections of vintage photos trying to imagine how was the life of the people in my photos.





I noticed a lot of flowers were used in the photos so I incorporated this element in my drawing.



PS: These particular photos were bought in vintage fairs in France, where I spend 4 months a year, since 2017.


For the color palette I created one based in an old vintage catalog advertising. Check nelow:



As the original painting weren’t saved by Fresco I ended up using just few of the colors of my original color pallet.


Original color pallet:


This is the sketch. I thought originally of drawing a hat on her but changed my mind during the process :





I really dont know what I am doing wrong but Fresco crashed again and the photo of the survivor girl is gone (by that I mean the last version of the painting. The one I uploaded in the project) :(  Apparently Fresco is not saving the last versions of my paintings and keep loading the very first steps I made when the drawing were incomplete and at the first stages. Any idea why?? I thought Fresco would save my progress automatically. 

This is what I get when I open the file at Fresco:


Here I was still playing with colors.