Freelance Animation Contract

Freelance Animation Contract  - student project


AGREEMENT dated > by and between >, a > corporation having its principal offices in > (hereinafter called >) and Robert Laing, > (hereinafter called "Artist").

1. >, being in the business of >, has commenced work on > (hereinafter called "Project), and has contracted Artist for the following services in promotion of said Project, for which services Artist shall be compensated by > as follows:

*Good idea to combine itemized services and fee per service?
A. > as a fee for >

B. > as a fee for >

C. > as a fee for >

D. > as a fee for >

2. The services listed above embody the entire scope of Artist's work on >'s project, and further services required by > shall neccesitate a new written agreement before commencement of work.

3. As > is aware, creative work requires an individual to develop their own unique process for accomplishing work goals with the desired results and within the desired timeframe. To this end, Artist has found the following work process best suited to their needs:

*tailor according to project
A. >

B. >

C. >

D. >

E. >

F. >

4. As a coordination between Artist and >, and their respective desires for a timely tailor-made product, work on Project will proceed according to the following timeline:

*enter deadlines for completion of my work, client feedback
A. >

B. >

C. >

5. > agrees to adhere to the following fee structure (structure includes services renderred), with payment to Artist due no latter than 14 days after reciept of invoice:

*each phase lists services renderred, except A.

A. >

B. >

C. >

D. >


Title to all design is maintained by Robert Laing until final payment is received. After full payment, exclusive use of all customized design & assets created in this agreement are transferred to >. Usage is limited to web and broadcast, but doesn’t include the right to modify or re-sell designs, characters or animations. I also retain all rights to any elements of deliverables that are part of my own process and aren’t specifically designed and/or created for you, including, but not limited to: tools, methodologies, know-how, data or objects, and documentation associated with the project. However, on final payment I grant
you a perpetual, irrevocable, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license, without the right to grant sub-licenses, to use in connection with the work or products created under this agreement.

I guarantee, to the best of my integrity, knowledge and belief, that the work I create will not violate the copyright of any other party. Should judgment arise after project completion, I’m not liable for similarities. You guarantee that (a) you own all right, title, and interest in, or otherwise have full right and authority to permit the use of any content provided by you for incorporation into my work product, (b) to the best of your knowledge, your content does not infringe the rights of any third party, and use of your content (as well as any trademarks) in connection with this project does not and will not violate the rights of any third parties, and (c) you will comply with the terms and conditions of any licensing agreements which govern the use of third party materials incorporated into my work product (with your consent). You agree to be responsible for and hold me harmless with this understanding.

Upfront payment is not refundable if project is dissolved during Phase 1. If we dissolve the project after that, I’ll bill for the completed hours up through that date. Payment is due within 14 days. I have the right to put the project on hold and charge interest if payments are past due. Interest charge is 15%

Prior to commencing any work or additional services that are beyond the scope of this agreement, Robert Laing will submit an estimate for the work/service to you, all parties will discuss it, and your written permission will be required before proceeding.

You grant me permission to publish any artwork, animation or designs online, in person or in print for purposes of self-promotion.

By moving forward with the project you agree to project terms, budget and to pay by invoice due date.

Freelance Animator