Frame After Frame

Frame After Frame - student project

I took this shot in an abandoned building before watching this class, I was already inspired by Minh through his Instagram. I did a bit of editing using Lightroom but I always though editing in photoshop is like cheating, But after watching this class i did some photoshop editing and removed some distracting elements mostly because the building is a bit damaged and not so clean, and kept the Lightroom editing as it is.

My Instagram page: @achyelias, I upload my photography there, I need your support

THANKS Minh for this class, you've always been an inspiration!


Frame After Frame - image 1 - student project


Those are more of my photographs:


Frame After Frame - image 2 - student project Frame After Frame - image 3 - student project

Frame After Frame - image 4 - student project

Frame After Frame - image 5 - student project

Frame After Frame - image 6 - student project