Fragrant Garden

Fragrant Garden - student project

Florals are such a great motif to use as the starting point because there's usually a LOT of detail you can mine when creating coordinates.

Here's my initial sketches for this new design – you can see I sketched a few simple doodle shapes right along side my floral motifs to use for my 3rd coordinate.


I spent the better half of the day creating my main floral and went through about 3-5 color ways before I found one I liked.

I knew I wanted a sophisticated feel for my 2nd coordinate, so I chose a limited color scheme of red, pink and black. Then I took all the simple, smaller floral elements from my main pattern and designed a toss repeat.


Finally, I whipped up a simple linear coordinate using the "loop de loop" doodle I had in my original sketches. I felt the playfulness of this design offset the sophistication of the 2nd coordinate to make the whole collection sing.

I tried multiple color ways for it, but ultimately went with a dark background to provide the maximum amount of contrast.


And here's the finished collection (notice the difference in scale between all 3 designs):

Surface Designer & Illustrator