Foxmeadow Creative - Rebrand

Foxmeadow Creative - Rebrand - student project

5. PRESENTATION – 9.08.13 (Scroll down to view beginning of project.)

Below is my final presentation of the brand. I received great suggestions from some of you and may make additional changes to these elements in the future. Thank you for all the support and feedback!








Wood texture has been a main element in our branding from the beginning. We wanted to keep wood in the update but also add some practical textures and patterns that we can reference in print and online. We often use brown cardstock and bakers twine in our packaging, so we wanted to pull those features into our graphic language. The new patterns can appear in multiple colors from our palette and be arranged in different orientations to provide variety.

Do you think the combination below represents our tone and creative brief accurately?


3. TYPOGRAPHY 8.29.13 

Previously, Archer was our main font for all purposes. It has a simple, friendly charm and is overall beautifully designed. We wanted to bring in a headline font with more impact, but were concerned that anything too bold or condensed would come across as being very masculine or lacking in personality. Then we came across Sini Bold which has the basic structure of a semi-condensed san serif but also a bit of unrefined character.

Font choices in action:

What do you think?


2. COLOR – 8.28.13 

For reference, this was our previous color palette:

We decided to keep some colors the same, primarily the blue/teal color since that was a main focus in our previous branding. We knew our logo would be completely different and wanted to maintain some consistency with the brand we had already established.

This is our updated color palette and logo:

We brought in the navy blue as our neutral color and made the orange more bold and vibrant. The secondary colors are the same.

At this point we are trying to figure out if we want to use a reversed logo in white so that it can appear on multiple colors, or if we should stick with something like the above orange (or blue). Thoughts?


1. INTRODUCTION – 8.28.13

We just updated our logo and are excited to roll out the rest of our brand identity. The goal is to have everything complete before heading out to Circles Conference in September. Feedback is welcome!


Foxmeadow Creative (FXMDW) is a husband & wife team specializing in ministry-focused graphic design.

To rebrand FXMDW as we shift the focus of our business to target churches, ministries and organizations with a gospel-focused mission.

"Let your light shine brighter!"

Other freelance designers focusing on ministry graphics/design

• Husband & wife team
• Customized graphics

• Good balance of mature and fun elements
• Navy, Orange & Teal are main colors

• Honest & Transparent
• Welcoming & Warm
• Clean & Simple