Foods of My Childhood by Kelsie Dayna

Foods of My Childhood by Kelsie Dayna - student project


For this project, I wanted to focus on the foods of my childhood. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so naturally my location of choice was Hawaii. 


Coming up with the memories/ideas was easy, but figuring out which memory would go with which composition layout was challenging.



I didn't get to do a lot of observation drawing as I would have liked but the refined sketches are below.

I had the most difficulty with the scene and still life compositions. I think because those two often come from our real life observations of things and the need to have it feel proportionally and visually correct. But I tried to have fun with it and not obsess too much over the details. 



I'm pretty happy with how the final illustrations came out! It's the most I've worked directly in Photoshop and I really enjoyed it. I pushed myself to try a more raw, gritty style than I'm used to and it was so fun! 

I'm wondering if I used too many colors within each single illustration and maybe should have limited my color palette a bit.