Foiled card

Foiled card - student project

I am quite familiar with Procreate and with Illustrator, however I took this class to see if I could learn something new and I did! this class was amazing and I highly recommend it! I needed this illustration to be converted into a vector because it's going to be foiled, so I need the vectors for each color

Of course I first did it in black in white just as Jesse instructed

then I tried different colors in Illustrator

This I thought would be too overwhelming a lot of gold foil!

As you can see here I separated it everything into layers, I really loved the straight instructions, as I said before, I have vectorized from procreate into illustration but this is a slightly new approach to what I used to do before and I did love the extra bonus video explaining the textures, I cannot wait to use that in the illustrations that do not need to be foiled.



This would be the final art sent to be foiled, everything yellow will be gold foil and the purple will be purple foil,

Thank you Jesse for this amazing class!