Flying Colours

Flying Colours - student project


October 22nd, 2015


Hi everyone!

Today I'm uploading an experiment I did with watercolors.

I'm studying calligraphy, and there is a particular style which I thought could be good for this purpose because of its bold letters: uncial.

My initial idea was to use the pen with the biggest point, the 6mm, because I thought it would have allow me to have more room for the colors to blend, but that didn't work for two reasons: first, the letters came out too big and couldn't fit the page; second, I worked putting some watercolor on my pen at the beginning of each stroke, but the amount of watercolor ended up always being too few compared to the size of the stroke, so I used the 3.8mm point.

I loaded my pen with some Brilliant Brown ink for fountain pens by Pelikan (because I couldn't find the Herbin ones!) and used 4 watercolors to create the various shades.

I wrote on paper for watercolors, Watercolour Studio Torchon by Fabriano. I have to say I didn't like this paper when I bought it years ago, and I was so regretful for the money I 'lost'. Then I tried it for this project (because another paper that I use to like wasn't working well this time) and the result was very satisfying!

Flying Colours - image 1 - student project



Here is the final piece (it is in Italian, it says: "Autumn is Winter's Spring") :

Flying Colours - image 2 - student project



Some close ups:

Flying Colours - image 3 - student project


Flying Colours - image 4 - student project


Flying Colours - image 5 - student project


I have to thank again Alice because I worked with this pen in a way I would never have done without this course!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!





Hi Alice!!! Hi classmates!!!

I'm really enthusiast for this class! I like too muck my pilot parallel pens and couldn't be more impatient to play with forms and colors. Writing with them (or just making strokes) is just one of my favourite activities, and thanks to you, Alice, I'm beginning to understand how to achieve those beautiful effects that I like so much!

I just completed the first two pages of exercises.

I used the largest pen, in which I have a turquoise cartridge, for all of them. I mixed both a bit of black and sepia here and there (all from the original pilot cartridges), and seeing how the ink blends is so gratifying that I cannot wait to do more exercises!

So here are my first exercises:

Flying Colours - image 6 - student project

Flying Colours - image 7 - student project

See you soon!