Flower Power Repeats

Flower Power Repeats - student project

P A T T E R N   O N E

Here are the 5 daisy motifs I used to create my simple spot repeat

Here’s the tile in the working palette. I like that it has a casual feel, but without any eyesores or divas 

Here’s how the pattern turned out in the final working palette. I think this would make a really cute bathing suit!

P A T T E R N   T W O

Bigger and more robust motifs for this pattern, made up mostly of roses with leaf and pod accents

After recording, I felt like the white space between the motifs was just a little too much, so I scaled all the motif groups up and adjusted the edge elements to make sure it still repeated well.

Man color is the best. I’ve always been a pink and red girl, and I like that this includes a warm Barbie pink, hot orange red, and a light peachy pink.

P A T T E R N   T H R E E

So many motifs with this one! A little overwhelming at first but I know they’re the pieces I need to build a dense, intricate, all-over pattern

SO.MUCH. WORK. So worth it. I like that my eye flips between seeing clusters and moving endlessly from bunch to bunch. The power of arrow motifs!

Ahhhh green and pink! And red and pink! Combined two of my favorite color combinations to really make the final design pop.

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