Flourished Poem

Flourished Poem - student project

Hi everyone!

Here is a project of my own – different from the manuscript design I did in class. The text is a poem I have always loved by Muriel Rukeyser entitled “I lived in the first century of world wars” (1968).

For this layout I used a square layout, rather than portrait orientation. This made it easier to post on Instagram, but also worked well for the shape of the layout block.

I look forward to seeing what all of you create!

— Molly


Step 1:
Rough pencil sketch to determine line breaks and overall spacing

Step 2:
Detailed flourish sketch to connect glyphs and fill negative space

Step 3:
Inked manuscript with Procreate Calligraphy Pen

Step 4:
Recolored to white-on-black

Calligrapher & Designer

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