First time using pate a choux and making Saint Honoré

First time using pate a choux and making Saint Honoré - student project

I never ate pate a choux before but seeing eclairs or the croquembouche I was really fascinated and then I saw the Saint Honore from Laduree online and I was in love! I looked up more pictures of it and found the traditional way with caramel. My fingers were itching to bake it but I didn't have things like a silicon mat or piping tips so I waited until Christmas and put those things on my wishing list. Because my parents asked for Creme Brulee on Christmas I planned the Saint Honore for New Years Eve.

I was really scared of making mistakes whil preparing the pate a choux but it all went well thanks to this tutorial! The choux got a bit too big for the saint honore tho haha I don't know why but maybe because I chilled the Saint Honore base in the fridge, it didn't puff up but came out deflated.




But I'm quite satisfied since it was my very first time! And I was so happy when I opened one up and it was hollow :D I prepared the Creme Chiboust, filled the choux and dipped them into caramel to create those tops.

       Then assembled everything and voilaaaa!!! To be honest, most of them look kinda wonky but the insides are what're important haha

I'll definitely try to attempt this another time next year and try to change up the flavors a bit!