First Composition Ever

First Composition Ever - student project

I've taken almost all of Jason's courses and nobody ever seems to do projects in them. Well, I have absolutely no background in music at all. Not even a single instrument. I just thought it would be fun to learn.

So, here we go. I put this together in LMMS, and will be trying to build my first composition ever from this theme. Let's call this a tiny intro, and an A-section.

More later.

EDIT1: Second version. Now an A and B section is starting to get form. Next is probably some pad instruments to give B section some content, for lack of piano melody.

EDIT2: A weird guitarist crashed the party. He's wearing a bathrobe. Says his name is Yngmae Malmenstein. Strange fellow, but now B section is coming together.

EDIT3: By the way, if anyone is in the same position as me in that they're not already in the industry and hence don't have any of these expensive DAWs like Ableton, and you don't like crippled free versions with which you can't really do a serious project, then download LMMS from (Windows, Mac, Linux). It is not as visually consistent as Ableton (especially its third party plugins are all over the place in their look) but you get all the features free of charge. For example, just its simplest synth has three oscillators. A more complex one (Vibed) has nine. And yet more complex synth, ZynAddSubFX has so much stuff in it that I don't even understand what I'm looking at. But someone clearly does, because it ships with 958 presets. And you can download more if that's not enough. Plus, LMMS supports SoundFonts which are what I have only been using until the third version of the song. That means thousands and thousands of free instruments available to you all over the internet on top of synth presets. For example, in the grand piano SoundFont that I use, every key has been recorded separately, with four different recorded velocities per key. I'm sure you'll agree that my increasingly loud C7 staccato sounds pretty convincing. You can hear the piano wires crying in pain.

EDIT4: Now I have normalized the volume in Audacity. So, warning: This is louder than the previous ones. Added a slight reverb to the instruments and drums where it was appropriate (not bass drum; that sounded awful), added a pad instrument, and a part where the song takes a little bit of a turn due to transposing from A minor to D minor.

EDIT5: Some new material, but unfortunately at this point I'm starting to run out of ideas.


I use three free soundfonts that have attribution license. They are:

Steinway Grand model C v1.2, by Soeren Bovbjerg
JNSGM v2.0, by Jordi Navarro Subirana
Strat Marshall, by Vienna Master