Finding The LoYo Body Story

Finding The LoYo Body Story - student project

Where the Inspiration come from? 

I’ve always been curious about soap making and homemade cosmetics. While creating my personal formulas and doing ingredient research I quickly learned about all the harmful ingredients that are used in our daily personal skin care. I knew I needed to make a difference for my family and friends. I quickly received my community support and found myself loving the entrepreneur life. Selling in local stores, such as Wholefoods and small businesses.

Today, I am passionate about clean beauty, and I love that more, and more women, are taking control of what is applied to their bodies. We are saying no to Toxic and Harmful Ingredients.  

The inspiration to re brand LoYo Body is because of global warming.  I wanted to make a difference in the negative impact the beauty industry has on planet earth. If we are saying no to toxic ingredients in our bodies, why not extend that to our surroundings and to our earth.

After witnessing the DEMAND" for both clean beauty and a clean earth, I see an opportunity to offer a better solution for women, and also helping to protect the earth.  I hope I can inspire other beauty companies to do the same.  


What is your Why? 

My ultimate goal is to create awareness among our beauty community in minimizing plastic waste while doing what I love to do. Creating skin care products. 


These days women are more aware of the toxic ingredients that have been added to our daily beauty care products. The demand for cleaner beauty has spread beyond the dinner plate. Interest in cosmetics and green skincare products has grown in the past two years and generated more than $1.5 billion in U.S. sales in 2017. And the trend isn’t slowing down, and we women are taking the lead in creating our beauty products and becoming the CEO of our brands and companies.  A new report from Grand View Research predicts that the global organic personal care industry will reach nearly $25 billion by 2025. What does this mean? The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic and waste. Can it change? Yes. Do people care about the environment? Hell yeah!

Our aim is to create an empowering brand with healthy and clean beauty products, but it is also mindful of preserving the source of our beloved beauty products, "earth".


What makes your product Unique? 

While my products look and feel like a luxurious and modern brand, we are also created a platform to encourage our customers to reduce single plastic use. 

How does your product fill a void in the marketplace? 

At Loyo Body, we are not only ditching plastic but offering an online and onsite program to allow our customers to recycle empty packaging while offering a reward.  We are also offering weekly lives and a blog to help customer understand the importance of our mission.