Finding My Why

Finding My Why - student project

Lesson 4: Finding Your Why

You know how (problem) everyone is expected to simplify themselves down to their career, which is often the least fulfilling aspect of their life? 

What I do is (solutions) create artwork, videos and articles that inspire women to embrace a more well rounded lifestyle by reconnecting to their authentic, creative voice.

In fact, (proof) I reach thousands of women through my lifestyle blog, YouTube channel and handmade products including illustrations, ceramics and jewelry. 


Wear is She Now is a life & style brand that celebrates the art of wearing many hats. Whether it's getting dressed, dressing up our homes or dressing our salads, we believe that an authentic personal style should be at the forefront of everything we do.

While the world often brands creative exploration as "flakey," "irresponsible" or *insert rude, unsolicited opinion here,* Wear is She Now's mission is to redefine the meaning of success and show that a well rounded, "Renaissance" approach to life is actually vital to personal fulfillment & development.


Artist & Founder: Wear is She Now