Finding My Why

Finding My Why - student project

When I'm not doing my dream job at Skillshare, I also work as a freelance video producer. Especially as I look towards the future, I'd love to get super clear on my why so that I can carry that through to my other channels (right now mainly my LinkedIn and IG). I did Kate's "Finding Your Why" exercise, and found it super helpful to get my thoughts down on paper. I've never actually articulated these things before—and will probably go back to refine even more—but I think this is a good starting point to update my website accordingly, and start thinking about future paths to growth. 


Lesson 4: Finding Your Why

You know how (problem) every startup or entrepreneur wants to stand out in a crowded field, and get their mission and message in front of the right audience?

What I do is (solutions) simplify the content production process for brands big and small, enabling them to tell authentic and engaging stories that connect on a deeper level.

In fact, (proof) as a interdisciplinary producer with over a decade of experience, I produce award-winning video and photo content that drives results for brands like Nike, Clinique, Anthropologie, and Allbirds.