Finally free...

Finally free... - student project

Hey Temi,

Thank you so much for this class.. I am not used to create art like in the way you teach so it was a challenge to me and the first time I combine animal and people together.

I finished to create this piece just now... I was in a zoo with my daughter (its her birthday today) and I ended up taking a lot of photos of the animals... and I couldnt stop to feel sorry for them.. even with the zoo support those animals are missing the most important thing we all should be able to have: freedom... 

So turning back home, while driving, I started thinking about this piece... and I decided to put together a tucano and a young lady with a expression of serenity  in the nature, among the flowers... free.. like any animal and people should be. :)

She is the queen of my jungle :)



With typography that I hide among the flowers.



I really loved he process of creating this piece and I will be working in other ones later today and hope to update the project soon.. Its kind of addictive.


So, thank you again for teaching us, for letting us know a little bit of your friend Thurman.. it feels like I almost know him after your class :)


Can not wait for your next class!






Couldnt stop until I finish this one.. I find so much similarities on the girls hair and the medusas.. Loved how it turned out... 



With typography:



Glub is the sound in my native language that fishes do under the water... no idea how to translate that into english... lol


Updated 2:

This is the 3rd one today.. you created a monster :D


In this piece instead of adding text, I decided to use Tchaikovsky Swan Lake music sheet in the body of the swan girl.



This one I made this morning.. loved how beautiful the girl is and her color skin.. I imagined her surrounded by beautiful butterflies. 


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