Final Exercise

Final Exercise - student project

This is a depature from what I've been doing in the class but as I live minutes from the sea I paint it all the time. I just had to find out if I could produce a painting of the sea in 30 minutes rather than over fiddling for days on end.

I took the idea from lesson 3 and looked for a minute or two, came back and started painting a 7" x 5" picture. 29 minutes later, well .... you could have knocked me down with a feather, infact I still can't believe it!

This course has been a real eye-opener for me and I can't thank Ria enough for providing this class.

Exercise 4 FULL

Loved doing this exercise, especially as it was my favourite cup and full of tea. Drew with ink first, exercise 2,  and then painted it. I used a previous painting and set it as the background for the cup in photoshop.

Oh I didn't get the hang of this at all, I panicked from start to finish and kept looking at the timer and panicking more!!! Perspective not too good, big bowl of fruit or small cushion? ha ha. Had several 30 minute attempts but they all lacked the 'something' the first one had.

I feel though that if I have more than 30 mins then I am going to fiddle about and ruin a quirky picture. Onwards and upwards, I hope!

Exercise 3

Exercise 2

For some reason, I found this exercise soooo difficult. I have never painted without a pencil drawing first and the paper I was using was like blotting paper and the ink soaked straight in but I carried on and the 30 minutes flew past.

After a rest and a cuppa I decided to do some more, still with the same paper and ink and started to really enjoy the process and decided that you can actually paint on and with anything, playing is something I never do especially when I've completed the task in hand. I shall definitely play more in future.

Ready for exercise number 3 now!

Had such fun doing this exercise, 30 minutes seemed such a short time! However, I achieved a lot much more than I thought. Had time to use the eraser as a tool to make highlights.

Looking forward to doing black and white study tomorrow.

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