Figuring Out My Alternate Inboxes

Figuring Out My Alternate Inboxes - student project

I've been using automated filters for a while, but my email inbox was still a source of angst for me. After taking this class, I knew I could do better, but honestly I wasn't sure how — I already filtered out newsletters and calendar invites, and was good about using Doodle instead of emailing back and forth to find open times for things like my regular book club. 

I decided to do the worksheet to see if that would help me figure out what I could improve. Turns out, while I've completely taken care of getting the things that I never want to see out of my inbox, the vast majority of email coming to my inbox are still emails that I don't need to see right away. So many "today" and "this week" emails to sort through! This was such a simple way to clarify that the next step for me will be adding filters for specific people who email me a bunch, but who I don't need to know immediately and can wait til the end of the day (because they'll never email me for an emergency) like my sisters and mom.

I've missed important emails from my landlord and insurance companies before because of other emails crowding my inbox, so I'm looking forward to reserving my main inbox for only emails that I absolutely need to see as soon as they come in, and having a specific folder for personal correspondence that I can read when I have time to reply.

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