Female Druid

Female Druid - student project

Here is the latest colo version of my druid in a wheat field, i still need to integrate textures in the dress, skin, bottom fur and wheat. The wheat ears will be more detailed 

Female Druid - image 1 - student project


Female Druid - image 2 - student project ______________________________________________________________________

Base Colo, that's enough for today ;) i think i'll integrate her in a background if i have enough time :)

Female Druid - image 3 - student project


Working the greyscale!

Female Druid - image 4 - student projectFemale Druid - image 5 - student project______________________________________________________________

New sketch with clothes

Female Druid - image 6 - student projectFemale Druid - image 7 - student project


Here is the mood board for my Druid, i did some research on flower signification. Peony's etymology comes from Paiôn, an ancient greek healing god. The bruyère also represent lonelyness. 

I wnat her to be elegant but yet simple. I imagine her as a druid that takes care of the fauna and flora of the forest. Conscious of the environnement, she lives a life of simplicity, taking only what she needs. She's simple but elegant, and she will fight until she dies to protect her forest.

She's more a Mother of the forest than a battle druids who summons creatures. She communicate with them instead and they're always near to protect her.

Female Druid - image 8 - student project


Hey everyone, this is the anatomic sketch of the druid.

I wanted her to be a bit chubby because most of the fantasy illustrations on this theme (druid or female fantasy) are mostly skinny. I'll be reworking the anatomy and position of the feet ant hands 

I don't know yet how she is going to be dressed but i'm thinking of fur on the shoulders and a dirty dress with long sleeves

any constructive feedback is welcome :)

Female Druid - image 9 - student project

Emylie Boivin

Student at the BAC Art & science of animation