Feathers - student project

Another clear class, thank you Joanne.


I didn't have any binding wire in (or paperclips) so I tried to create the texture with a hammer on some scrap copper, it looked like feathers, so I created a little feather. The first larger feather wasn't great, the soldering isn't that neat I used paste and it didn't work great. So I tried a second smaller feather, this time soldering with pallions and it was much more successful. 


The texture is a cross pein hammer that has been ground to a point, The feathers looked a little bland with straight edges, I feel they work better with the cuts in them. The vein of the feather is extended to create a simple bail. I added the little wire wrapped bead for interest and I am rather happy with the outcome.


I have ordered some longer chain as I only have 18in in stock and I think these lend themselves to a longer chain.


Edited to add, I decided to revisit this class, this time with a floral theme. The petals are bent and twisted in the same way as the leaves were. My templates over the last few projects were lifting as I was sawing, so I tried the sticky back tape and it is genius. Much neater sawing was achieved, whoop.   The petals were then hammered with my sharp pein hammer and domed. This necklace also borrows techniques from the poppy earrings, at which I failed and struggle. This time I melted the solder in the centre of the larger flower before adding the smaller flower and then I did the same to add the silver ball, I guess its almost sweat soldering but forgive me if I am wrong, I then soldered a little loop to the rear of the flower and added a jump ring to attach to the necklace before tumbling. I do have a little bleeding of the solder but I rather like the effect. The flower is around an inch across and I think this is my most favourite silver smithing make, even if it is copper!