Fashion baby!

Fashion baby! - student project

From the project description I loved how it sounds "Rinse and repeat" I need that quote somewhere in my working area!

Back to the project, this was so much fun! I chose 3 special accessories: shoes that I would loooove to own, earring that I own and sun glasses from the Pinterest board for the class that I also loved. It actually makes a world of difference when you are working with something you already like!

Process pictures:

- Pencil sketches on paper

I must confess that since the Fabric swatches class, I love to take my time analyzing different textures and trying to mimic them using watercolors. I enjoyed every second I took to recreate this  velvety texture, very satisfying experience :D


I took some artistic freedom with this one, I changed the color of the metal because I like more how they look with cold tones. The metal part I painted super fast and it was easier that it looks, just because I participated in a challenge where I painted Escoda brushes multiple times... after that I became more accustomed to recreate the idea of metal. And that is why I love taking IG challenges! wohoo!


Final project:

- Didn't take process pics for the glasses because it was basically the same steps:


But I couldn't stop there and made something that could look cool on a magazine or somewhere out there:

Thank you teacher!!

*Happy dance*



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