Fashion attempts

Fashion attempts - student project

This is a style that I would loooove to wear. It is known as Mori-kei (forest style). It usually includes loose/ long fit, earth tones and several layers of clothes. More often than not, dresses, skirts, long necklaces and boots are part of the outfit. It has some similarities to boho and lageenlook styles.







And here is my attempt... I confess this was a big challenge for me because of some sort of trauma. One of the first classes I took on skillshare (almost 2 years ago), was about fashion illustration. I was really happy with how it looked, but I made the mistake of showing it to people I care about. Their "feedback" was between the lines of "that looks like something a toddler would draw/ why are you wasting your time doing that kind of stuff?" and it made me feel really sad (specially because both of them are graphic designers and I gave more credit to their opinion than my own).

I stopped making art and submitting projects here (I still haven't posted those drawings, but I will).  Since then, I have learned to protect my art and love it with all its imperfections. No matter what other people might say, it is my journey and I know I will get better, but for now, this is me, this is my level of expertise, I did my best and I am proud of it. :) (but yeah, I think more of a catwalk pose would have made it look more like a fashion illustration, I don't know, it feels like fashion illustration has less detail in general?... more gesture/concept and less realism, but didn't dare to change the pose because there was high risk she wouldn't look human anymore):


And yep, definitely didn't like that it didn't have the fashion illustration vibe (even if I loved how it looked) so had to make a second attempt with more imagination but yep, I still cant make the "fashion" style of anatomy... oh well, I tried, and some day I will we awesome ;)


Couldn't leave it alone... I used a brush pen (non waterproof) and I'm a bit happier with how it looks:




Thank you teacher!



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