Fangin' with my Halloween Homies

Fangin' with my Halloween Homies - student project

Ecky O so glad you updated your Kawaii Halloween class. I always enjoy drawing along with you. A candy apple was a fantastic addition to the class. I drew a classic candy apple along with you. I then put a more Halloween spin to the second Candy Apple. 


It's spooky how fun this class was! It was a whimsical delight; the right project to get me in the mood for Halloween. I don't spend a lot of time drawing skulls, but I was surprised how much fun I had drawing it. Since it is Halloween I felt like there needed to be some Candy Corn. I gave the spider a Candy Corn hat. 


 I tried a different pose for the cat but I kept the colors the same. The bat and cat shop at the same store so they have the same bow on. Imagine the awkwardness when they showed up to the Halloween party dressed alike! Lastly I added a bubbling cauldron to the set because to me the quote, "Double, double,  toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble." sums up Halloween antics. 



Draw on and keep creating