Fallen - student project

Hyung: means "older brother" from a younger male to an elder male in Korean.

-ah : Korean name suffix when addressing someone of equal or lesser social status.




Yu Jin remembered it well the first time it happened, not long after his military contract ended. The pain when he felt his heartstrings were plucked listening to the seemingly cold and distrustful voice across the phone line. 

And then he realized, after a while, how it must be even more painful for the person that has to convey the news to their family and friends. 

He listened, as the good Major, with his restrained voice and attitude, told him of his duty to bring their friend’s ashes back home. It didn't even take Yu Jin a second to decide that he would be the person who flies the aircraft that will carry him. No matter how far or how long.





“Yu Jin-ah,” said the voice crackling through his phone. And then there was a long silence before the man across the line delivered whatever sentence he wanted to say in the first place. “Park Yo Han is dead.”

Yu Jin was halted by the sudden news. Part of him thought this was some sort of a prank. But he knew very well the Major won’t do anything like that.

“Sir… what do you mean?” he foolishly asked. To tell the truth, he understood very well what those words mean. But his mind was denying to believe that his best friend had died. For a moment, he didn’t know what to feel or what to say anymore, but when a warm tear trickled down his cheek, only then, he fully realized the sudden tightness in his chest.

“You know what I mean,” said the Major’s robotic voice through the speakers. Yu Jin couldn’t believe he could say it with such a cold tone. Park Yo Han was one of his closest subordinates, his friend, his comrade. Does he feel nothing at all for him?

Yu Jin sat down on the bed, feeling all the energy leaving his body. “What happened?” His voice cracked as he choked on a sob. The air around the bedroom seemed to drop few degrees. It felt chilly despite him still wearing his outer coat.

“He was shot. I can say no more than that. You must understand this.”

No information at all. Military confidentiality was at play here. But what could he do? Nothing. He was a civilian after all. He can’t even ask for a proper answer.

“Yeom Yu Jin, are you still with me?”

He wiped his face tiredly with one hand. “Yes. Yes, I’m here, hyung.”

“Listen, we are bringing him home, Lieutenant Baek and I. I was hoping if you could be the one flying the aircraft…,” said The Major, trailing off.

It was shown in his voice then when Yu Jin finally understood how hard and painful it must have been for Major Jo to keep his voice stern when he delivered the bad news to Yo Han’s family.

“You don’t have to answer right away. I’ll give you time to decide—”

“I will do it.” Yu Jin interrupted. It didn’t even take him a second to make the decision. Not even a moment of hesitation that he would be the one flying Yo Han back home. Not anyone else. He.

“That’s good to hear. I’ll send someone to brief you promptly,” The Major said in relief.

Yu Jin straightened his back and nodded, “Yes, Sir.” But of course, the Major couldn’t see it.

“…Yu Jin-ah.”

“Yes, Major Jo?”

“You know, I’m glad you left the military.” The Major said before hanging up.

Yu Jin still held his phone up against his ear listening to the disconnected beeps. His world suddenly seemed much quieter now; his room felt significantly emptier.