Fall Into Color Scarf

Fall Into Color Scarf - student project

I got started with knitting because I love creating things. I would always see awesome knits on Etsy or Pinterest, so one day I decided to take the dive and I bought some yarn and a set of needles. My boyfriend asked me one night why I wanted to knit because knitting was for old people. BUT to be that old person knitting awesome things for friends fam, you have to learn BEFORE you're old. And that's what I'm doing.


My project uses Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Super bulky in 4 different colors, 44yds in each ball of yarn - which is what the project specs are based off of.  My scarf surprisingly ended up being 96" long with a little of each color left over. Your scarf will use more or less depending on the length and width you're knitting.  

Based of the stitches and length of different sections, 44 yds will get you to around 31" in Stockinette stitch or 20" in Garter Stitch.

I picked a bunch of fun, bright colors because it's always so gloomy in the winter. I thought I would brighten it up. I'm knitting this on US 15/10 mm needles. 

 Knit Picks Might Stitch Super Bulky in Fairy Tale, Cream, Canary Pucker. 


Halfway through I decided to change stitch patterns to add texture and to see what would happen to be honest. 


Here are some of my ends that need to be woven in from all the color changes. 


I decided to block my scarf because stockinette stitch tends to curl at the edges, as you can see a couple images above, and I wanted to see if I could get it to lay flat. 



I didn't work, as you can see by the difference in widths here. Maybe I will try again. BUT that’s what 9 stitches in both patterns end up looking like. Cast on more or less to suit your preferences! 


Voila! Here is my final scarf. I thing this is bright enough for even the dreariest fall or winter day! It's 96" long and wraps twice with some long-ish ends to hang on both sides. 

Scarf Pattern: Long tail CO, stockinette for 49 rows in Fairytale, stockinette for 70 rows garter for 2 rows in Pucker, garter stitch for 16 rows in Cream, garter stitch for 16 rows in Canary, repeat color changes 3 more times. 

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