Fairytale woods

Fairytale woods - student project

I recently got interested in photography again, I have always liked taking photos but not really done it. I think because I never really felt like I was able to use my photos for anything and had no idea how to edit them properly. 

That's until I watched one of Seans lessons! Thank you so much for amazing lessons! I really got excited about photography again and just want to shoot everything. (Which is ironic because I just sold my camera a few days before watching the first lesson... bad timing I guess)

Anyway, I captured these photos of my friend on my Iphone and edited them in lightroom. I wanted to get a fairytale'ish vibe and I just love the woods around the city where I live in Norway.

Please tell me what you think.

Fairytale woods - image 1 - student projectFairytale woods - image 2 - student project