FIRST TRY - Summer Breakfast Photography

FIRST TRY - Summer Breakfast Photography - student project

At first I would like to thank you for this simple but complete course.
I tried my best this morning to create some nice shots with my Canon 650D, a very bright natural light and few things I found in my cupboards !

The 45 degrees view.
It gives a nice overview of the scenery. I worked a lot on composition for this first shot.


I followed your advices and shot everything with a 50mm at (around) f:2.8. I focused on berries, had lights and saturation during post-editing. I also added a warmer touch, thanks to temperature and tints settings.

The overhead view.

This picture is ready to be posted on my insta ! (However, I don't really like the texture of this old and used table).

The hero shot.

It looks a bit like a cereal brand packshot and I like it ;) Even if lights and the atmosphere are different on this particular shot. Then I quickly edited all these pics on photoshop to give them more sweetness.

You can also have a look on few "before/after" screenshots I made on Lightroom.
Enjoy !


what are your thoughts on all this? :)

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