FB Cover for PAPERMIEL, a paper goods company

FB Cover for PAPERMIEL, a paper goods company - student project

Hi, I am Grace You, a paper goods maker. Last August, I started a stationery business in Ann Arbor (MI, USA) because I love journaling and paper products. Papermiel is the name of my business, which means paper honey. You can imagine me as the bee collecting materials and inspiration to create sweet products (my journals). Papermiel upcycles old books into vintage journals, which are available at my Etsy shop at StudioPapermiel.etsy.com.

This is a Facebook cover that I created for Papermiel's page (www.facebook.com/papermiel). I used PicMonkey as recommended by Jenn. PicMonkey was super-easy to use, especially to make this cover as it already has a fb cover template. It also have a very intutitive user interface which is a big plus!

And the following is an actual screenshot of it live on the page.

Designer at PapermielDesigns.com