FAN OUT – Expanding The Netfilx Viewership

FAN OUT – Expanding The Netfilx Viewership - student project

**FYI I came late into this class so I'll be working pretty fast and furiously on the whole thing. The following process should give you a little insight into my thoughts and methods in diversifying my practice as a strategically driven art director by gaining new skills in digital strategy**

As a precursor to this project I drive all my strategic work behind x3 simple processes  DEFINE, DISCOVER AND DISTILL and will endevour to add these into digi strategy skills of this course as I think it might help.

DEFINE: What is Digital Strategy

Who are we? And where are we going??? I like to purposely challenge the status quo. I do however agree with Julian's definition and explanation but here's my thoughts on the matter.

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In short, I think;

  • The role of the Digital Strategist is challenging the current best practice models of planning.
  • Knowing who we are and where we're going is important as things evolve;
  • Because im sure as the connection between the offline and online world gets smaller the role of the digital strategist will be more blurred.

DISCOVER: Hunting & Mining for Insights

It became clear that with the abundant qualitive, quantative data, and research reports that I uncovered and saved for all to view here, that being able to read between the lines and interpret the said data really helps bring out some more interesting insights below the surface. Regurgitating facts and figures doesn't give a true insight.

So here's some initial insights I'd narrowed down too once I'd done a chunk of researching. Most of these insights have taken into account the entire spectrum of analysis (quantitive, qualitive and behavioural)

This then led me to some early thoughts on which channels to use...

DISTILL: Interpreting Data & Reading Between the Lines

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In short;
– Read between the lines, look at the spaces between the what facts and figures we have infront of us.


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