Exploring with ink

Exploring with ink - student project

Day 1 :


I'm from Montreal, Canada. I'm an illustrator who only use computer ( Illustrator ) for my illustrations... I'm so use to "Command Z". That's probably why I always find my illustrations to stiff.

2 weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me ink and a nib ( Hunt Imperial 101 from Speedball ) to experiment with it and I did this first illustration. Your class is a perfect timing for me as I want to introduce more "real" drawing into my work and I never worked with ink. I have some "cheap" brushes at home that I will use for your exercice. I hope with this class to embrace mistakes and turning them into beautiful piece like you do. You are really inspiring ! Thanks for this classe.



Day 2


I first collect all the decent brushes I had not paying that much attention to the brand because I tough I only had cheap ones. After the second sheet of paper, I thought, this brush is doing really good ! I look at the brand... it is a Winsor and Newton ! I didn't even know I had one ! 

Here's my experiments...







I took apart the things I find the more interesting...

Roman's face :

The poodle :


Line variations with the a nib. I like it but I yet have no clue where to use this... I like the end of the line at the far right it occurs when I ran out of ink :



Line variations but with the brush :



Here, I draw dots with the brush and then smudge it away with my fingers. I think it could be use for a nice pattern on a piece of cloth.



Tomorrow I'll do a complete illustration.