Excuse my english but being single socks

Excuse my english but being single socks  - student project

We came to live with John about a year ago, remember?

the six of us all together but you and me were special. 

we had a connection, yes maybe like the others, but between us.

the others had their turs and time but when ever we went out with john

we knew it would be a special. Remember him? he always wore that

We came together, we walked together and we rested together. I always hoped

John could´ve taken better care of us, but he risky-businessed us running to the door for

the pizza guy more than I care to remember. So many travels, so many steps and those 

cold nights we tried to keep each other warm. We did everything together and now you´re gone.

Since you`ve been gone, John can´t even see me, is like I don`t exist. He just pushes me around 

like if I were always in the way. He doesn´t even have the courage of letting me go, maybe he still

hopes that you`ll come back as do I... every night.

You know, is not that lonely here, I`ve found a few others that went through the same separation as

we did. It may be a fools comfort to see others in the same pain, but they`re not like me. They can´t

compliment me. I couldn´t go out with no one without receiving stares and disaproval looks from others.

And John wouldn´t even consider it.

I still can remember that horrific day. We were all sweaty and jumped in playfully each one on its own

and only I came back. It should´ve been more gentle or delicate. 

Always missing you,

Any Single Sock.